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a woman of no importance

i'm a leaf on the wind-watch how i soar

Little Miss Maren
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Maren. A high heel wearing prude on sugar and a romance novel inhaling little girl with a heart of dimond (crystal clear, and unbreakble but changable in the light). Ranpidly obsessive. Nostalgic. Has MAJOR angst issues. Wannabe poet who reads WAY too many romance novels and too much poetry for her own good. Likes to write. Has commitment issues due to the IBO owning her life. And the attention span of a flea on crack if the words "anime","Les Mis","Ron/Hermione", or "LM Montgomery" are not in the conversation. Rather shy of people she doesn't know. Likes to spend numerous hours in front of the computer screen. And is terribly long-winded.

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